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Subliminal Seduction
Also Known as: Flash Frame, Roger Corman Presents Subliminal Seduction
Movie Information
Aired: July 27, 1996
Network: Showtime
Length: 81 Minutes
Director(s): Andrew Stevens
Writer(s): Karen Kelly
Executive Producer(s): Roger Corman
Producer(s): Andrew Stevens
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Starring: Ian Ziering as Darrin Danver
Katherine Kelly Lang as Deb Danver
Dee Wallace as Sissy Bonner
Andrew Stevens as Tom Moore
Larry Manetti as Larry Bonner
Kim Morgan Greene as Meg
Kin Shriner as Jimmy
Marc Riffon as Doug
Rainer Grant as Angie
Griffin Drew as Kim
Hoke Howell as Desk Clerk
Nancy DeCarl as Andrea
Jillian Kesner as Cherl
Stella Stevens as Mrs. Beecham
Jesse V. Johnson as Hoover Dam Guard
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