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A Haunting in Connecticut
Movie Information
Aired: December 29, 2002
Based On: Book: In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting (1994) by Ray Garton
Followed By: A Haunting (2005-2007)
Filed Under: Docudrama
Network: Discovery
Length: 94 Minutes
Director(s): John Kavanaugh
Writer(s): Tom Naughton
Sherry Anderson
Paul Sauer
Executive Producer(s): Tom Naughton
Producer(s): Tom Naughton
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Starring: Vanessa Lock as Karen Parker
Brett Fleisher as Paul Parker
Rod Pearson as Ed Parker
Tyler Reid as Bobby Parker
Kelli Barrett as Teresa Johnson
Lee Lively as Father Frank
Jim McKeny as Father Richard
Maggie Geroe as Connie Parker
Shirley Vaughn as Lorraine Warren
Ralph Denton Sr. as Ed Warren
Anthony Call as Narrator
John Zaffis as John Zaffis
John West as Father Thomas
Noah Fryrear as Mark Parker
Rick Fleet as Priest 1
Raymond Simon as Chris the Researcher
Robert Ruffin as Man in Suit
Sandra Buffmeier as Ghost Woman
Joel Webb as Dark Man 1
Rob Waddell as Dark Man 2
John Adams as Dark Man 3
David Williamson as Dark Man 4
Newton Miller as Doctor
Molly Larkin as Nurse
Mike Cardona as Medical Assistant
Willie Young as Orderly 1
Walter Byrum as Orderly 2
Karen Fleisher as Hospital Staff 1
Rick Reid as Hospital Staff 2
Robert Hundley as Ambulance Driver 1
Jeffrey Cypsch as Ambulance Driver 2
Jenny Gordon as Cleaning Woman
Rob Fortner as Carpenter 1
Anthony Williams as Carpenter 2
Gene Galutha as Entity Voice
Based on the reportedly true story of a New York family that relocates to Connecticut so that their son Paul could be closer to the hospital where he was receiving treatment from cancer. The Parker family rents a seemingly-perfect home, only to discover that it had formerly served as a funeral home. As their son begins to undergo serious personality changes and claims (along with the other children) that the home is haunted by multiple entities, the parents refuse to listen. Only when Paul is removed from the home do the parents fully understand the true horrors that lurk inside the house. | Submitted By: TheCabinet
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Paul: "Mom, we saw a guy in the basement. He was in the lab."
Bobby: "And it was really dark and we couldn't see him."
Karen: "This is last night?"
Bobby: "Yeah!"
Karen: "How did he get in?"
Bobby: "We don't know. He was just walking around in the lab."
Paul: "Honest."
Bobby: "Yeah, yeah, we both saw him."
Karen: "Well, I'm going to start charging rent if he hangs around."
    - | Submitted By: TheCabinet
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Available from
A Haunting in Connecticut
In A Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting
Filming Locations in Dark Destinations
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The docudrama is based on the accounts of the Snedeker family who relocated to a home in Southington, Connecticut to be closer to a hospital where their son was undergoing cancer treatment. The case is known as the "Southington Funeral Home Case" in the world of the paranormal and was investigated by well-known, but highly controversial, Ed and Lorraine Warren. Their experiences were also documented in the book, In a Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting (1994) by Ray Garton. The author has since gone on record as stating that the book is a piece of fiction and that he believed the whole thing had been made up. In 2009, the story was again adapted as a feature film with The Haunting in Connecticut (2009). | Submitted By: TheCabinet
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Web site for the mother from A Haunting in Connecticut. | Submitted By: Tom G
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