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John Mese (1963 - Present)
Basic Information
Born: November 04, 1963
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Television Credits
Title (Year(s) of Appearance) Role Character
American Gothic (1996) Credited in 1 season(s)  
Bullet Season One (1995-1996) Actor Doctor Billy Peale
Dark Skies (1996) Credited in 1 episode(s)  
Bullet Mercury Rising (10/19/1996) Actor Ty Yount
The X-Files (2000) Credited in 1 episode(s)  
Bullet Chimera (04/02/2000) Actor Sheriff Phil Adderly
Harsh Realm (2000) Credited in 1 episode(s)  
Bullet Three Percenters (04/28/2000) Actor Leader of Three Percenters
"Look, your ex-boyfriend, who just happens to be a sociopathic sheriff, is about to find us in his bedroom and I don't think he's gonna offer us an espresso."
    -Doctor Billy Peale
    From: American Gothic (Episode: The Buck Stops Here (Part 1/2))
    | Submitted By: TheCabinet
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