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Tina Lifford
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Television Credits
Title (Year(s) of Appearance) Role Character
American Gothic (1995-1996) Credited in 4 episode(s)  
Bullet Potato Boy (01/01/1970) Actor Loris Holt
Bullet Eye of the Beholder (10/06/1995) Actor Loris Holt
Bullet Resurrector (01/10/1996) Actor Loris Holt
Bullet Doctor Death Takes a Holiday (01/31/1996) Actor Loris Holt
Loris: "Doctor, be careful. Once that door is opened it takes more than the intellect to control the outcome."
Matt: "I'll take my chances."
Loris: "Matt, never forget - The Devil's cleverest ploy is to persuade you he doesn't exist. Never underestimate the power of the unholy to deceive."
    From: American Gothic (Episode: Doctor Death Takes a Holiday)
    | Submitted By: TheCabinet
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