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Inside A Haunted Mind-Released & Reviewed  
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2007 9:41 pm    Post subject: Inside A Haunted Mind-Released & Reviewed Reply with quote

INSIDE A HAUNTED MIND-Press Release/Page Turner Publicity-Laguna Beach, CA

K. Patrick Malone

“Evil is the most insidious creature imaginable because it can live forever. It has all the patience it needs to lie in wait until it’s ready to strike, and it always strikes when its prey is at its weakest and most vulnerable to its tricks.”
—from the journal of Terry Chagford

A study of psychological torment and breakdown. A gripping murder mystery. A terrifying ghost story. K. Patrick Malone masterfully weaves together all three strains of spellbinding fiction in his debut thriller, INSIDE A HAUNTED MIND (A Better Be Write Publisher; April 2007; ISBN: 978-0-9788985-0-2; $22.95). Presented in the guise of a journal, dated January 2002, the tale unfolds through eyes, reminiscences, and nightmares of one of its victims, a small town police chief haunted by personal demons and dying…of fright.

Terry Chagford is the Chief of Police of Jennisburg, New York, a small, unassuming upstate town famous for nothing more than its apples and cows. Although a far cry from his youthful idealism and potential, the job lets him live a comfortable, easygoing, and almost peaceful life—except for the occasional flare-ups from his past. Sometimes, the pain is physical—actual aches from the broken bones and burns he suffered while trying, and failing, to save an eight-year-old girl from an arsonist’s wrath during his short-lived career as an ATF agent. Other times, when he’s alone and hears the tiny voice of Angelica wailing, over and over, the pain goes deeper, searing his soul. That’s when he seeks out relief from a bottle—of pills or booze or both.

One rainy night, on his way home to his empty house after making his evening rounds, Chief Chagford is shaken from his usual blue fog by the blinking of headlights. The lights belong to a car on the wrong side of the Overmill Bridge—on the ramp heading straight for the river. Seized with an overwhelming surge of urgency, Terry pulls over and dives in. This time, he isn’t too late. He successfully rescues a stranger, Martin Welliver, from New York City. Before long, Terry will learn how much he and Martin have in common—starting with a history of bad luck and loneliness—and gradually realize how much they both have to fear.

A World Trade Center survivor, rushing into his office when the second plane struck, Martin was drawn to Jennisburg as the ideal place to escape the stress and dangers of city life. On a meandering drive through the town, mere weeks before his near-fatal car crash, he stumbled upon an abandoned Victorian house and decided to buy it. Curious about this mysterious, isolated house, Terry asks the

local real estate maven, Sylvia Hadrada, for a tour and some background. The house was built in 1901, last rented by an Evangelical minister and his large family, and left empty for the past twenty years. When Sylvia welcomed Martin inside, she caught a flash of something shiny tucked under the first stair. It turned out to be an antique silver box, with the hallmark of a London engraver, containing an unusual treasure for a preacher’s family: ivory Mahjong tiles. Sylvia handed Martin the tiles, as a housewarming gift, and sold the box, for a tidy two hundred bucks, but Terry isn’t interested in hearing more details—because the house makes him feel most unwelcome and desperate to leave.

Keeping the tension mounting and the surprises coming, INSIDE A HAUNTED MIND follows the growing bond between a troubled small town police chief and a troubled stranger—forged in mutual dread of the house that Martin bought. At first skeptical of Martin’s claims of the house’s evil powers, Terry becomes a true believer when his dreams are taken over by images of Mahjong tiles and murder. Finally, Terry and Martin become co-conspirators in a plot to burn the house down. But that fails to destroy the evil—an evil with the force to kill, an evil that seems intent on driving Terry to choose between insanity or suicide.

Filled with intriguing twists and mysterious characters, including a prominent doctor from Victorian London, a red headed hooker with a heart of gold, a Russian mistress of black magic, and a very much alive elderly widow with a Mahjong tile bracelet, INSIDE A HAUNTED MIND eventually leads to a horrific trail of long buried murders. . . or were they more than just murders? Even after the novel’s shocking culmination, K. Patrick Malone will leave readers wondering about whether to trust a crumbling psyche or whether to be on the lookout for the ghosts lurking in their own home. . . and how they may have gotten there.
K. Patrick Malone, a native of the New Jersey shore, graduated Monmouth University with a B.A. in Psychology before attaining a J.D. from Capital University Law School. After years of practicing law and apartment life in New York City, he returned to a small farm cottage near the Jersey shore to tend his English style garden and write his first book, Inside A Haunted Mind.

ForeWord Magazine says:

“My skin crawls even to write about it,” says Malone’s protagonist, Terry Chagford.
These words will ring true for all who delve into the mentally unhinging world of small town police chief Chagford in K. Patrick Malone’s suspense thriller Inside a Haunted Mind. Feeling he has been a failure throughout his life, and haunted by his inability to rescue a little girl from a fire years ago, Chagford looks to redeem himself by keeping alive—at all costs—one Martin Welliver, a stranger who has just bought an isolated house on the outskirts of town. But the cost of Chagford’s redemption is beyond anything he could have ever imagined, for shortly thereafter, both men are stalked by the house’s malevolent spirit that has been resurrected after Welliver moves in; the first occupant of the house in more than fifty years. Chagford starts to better understand what is happening only after Grace Coutraire, the town’s librarian, reveals her past and tells him what she herself had discovered about the original occupant of the house. He soon figures out, however, that no amount of understanding will stop the evil presence and its intentions to kill both Welliver and himself. There is a piece of the puzzle that Chagford, clinging to the edge of sanity, must find before it is too late and the evil moves on to somewhere—and someone—else.
Malone’s first book reads as if he has written several successful books already. Riveting from the start, his use of mixing past and present events in Chagford’s “mental therapy” diary and the vivid descriptions of townspeople Chagford cares for, make the reader feel as if they were experiencing with him the ever-increasing tensions, terror and horror of events as they unfold. Malone’s powerful descriptions keep the reader thoroughly engaged: “I saw his face, red eyes, blazing blood red eyes looking at me and his mouth…was all twisted, drawn back in a horrible, snarling grimace…Oh, God! It was the man from the dream.” And one may get so lost in this story of “A Journal Found” that the conclusion to Mr. Carruther’s story, which brackets it, comes as somewhat of a shock. One factor that ultimately gives this story its desperate tone—almost missed due to its subtleness—is Malone’s uncanny ability to portray Chagford’s downward spiral toward insanity. It is as if he himself has experienced what it is like to be “inside a haunted mind.”
The book is an excellent work, but only those able to handle graphic descriptions of depraved violence should enter Malone’s world of terrifying horror. -Nelly Heitman-ForeWord Magazine/July-Aug 07


MidWest Reviwers say:

"The debut suspense novel of K. Patrick Malone, Inside A Haunted Mind is a dark story about a relentless evil force closing in on small town police chief Terry Chagford, and the World Trade Center survivor that he rescued from drowning. Pursued by horrific demons, nightmares of murder and an inexplicable link to Mah Jong tiles, beset by thirst for alcohol, craving for painkillers, and episodes of crushing depression, Chagford feels like his very psyche is crumbling to pieces. A suspense-laden deconstruction of a good man's mind gone terribly wrong, laced with shocking revelations and edge-of-the-seat tension."


The Chattanooga Times Free Press Says:

"First-time author serves up ghost story

By Christine Simmons
Staff Writer
“This is a good, old-fashioned ghost story complete with an old, creepy house, spirits and flying furniture. Or is it? Could it be nothing more than the illusions of a haunted and disturbed mind? The reader will have to pay close attention to figure that out. . . Every relationship in the story is extremely detailed, from the police chief and his mother to his relationship with the old librarian, who wears a mysterious Mahjong tile bracelet. At times the vividly created characters wrap readers up in their stories and eventually they are all tied to a set of long-ago murders . . . overall a good read, especially for a first-time author . . . “

This story was published Sunday, August 05, 2007

Inside A Haunted Mind has also been recognized with an Honorable Mention as a Wild Card by the Hollywood Book Festival-July 2007
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