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Dark Destinations > Locations by Halloween Events > Washington Irving's Sunnyside > O.T.I.S.(Odd Things I've Seen): Irving's Sunnysi

O.T.I.S.(Odd Things I've Seen): Irving's Sunnysi
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Added On: January 01, 1970 - 12:00 AM UTC
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Invisible Invisible
's Trip
Article excerpt from O.T.I.S. (Odd Things I've Seen):

"Sunnyside is a beautiful, large, red-roofed, cottage-like building overgrown with voluminous billows of some kind of creeper vine that canít help but beatifically overlook the Hudson River. Itís an absolutely idyllic little place both in location and in construction that makes me ill to my stomach. If I lived in such an inspiring setting Iíd prolifically write American classics, too. My beige townhouse overlooks a parking lot and more beige townhouses, and that only inspires me to imbibe the Cartoon Network and pay for wrong-address pizza deliveries."

For pictures and a full account of my visit to Irving's Sunnyside and other of my darker travels, visit O.T.I.S.: Odd Things I've Seen:
O.T.I.S. at Irving's Sunnyside
O.T.I.S. at Irving's Sunnyside
From: O.T.I.S.
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