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Availability: Open to the Public
Filed Under: Halloween Events > Haunted Houses/Hayrides
Paranormal Hot Spots > Haunted Museums
Added By: TheCabinet
Added On: October 27, 2008 - 01:08 AM UTC
Last Modified: October 01, 2010 - 09:28 PM UTC
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80 Hesperus Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930, USA (Gloucester, Massachusetts)
Castle of the Damned
This Halloween haunted attraction is set in the historical landmark Hammond Castle (see Hammond Castle) in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The brilliant, yet eccentric, inventor John Hays Hammond, Jr. built the castle in the 1920s, where he reportedly performed a series of experiments with Spiritualism. According to some, his experiments left a presence in the castle and many believe it to be haunted to this very day.

Given its history and reputation, it was a natural fit to host a Halloween haunted attraction. Starting in 1986, Hammond Castle became the setting for an annual Halloween haunted house that would quickly grow to becoming one of the most popular in the New England area. It got a further boost when in 1998, the interactive theater company, Pastimes, started to run a series of different events set at Hammond Castle. Co-producers David and Paul Stickney teamed up with Dean Calusdian, director of the horror film, Tortured Hearts, to re-envision the traditional haunt.

The Attraction
Castle of the Damned strays from the traditional Halloween haunted attraction and aims for the more visceral. The group relies less on the traditional monster jumping out from nowhere or similar startling effects and more on creating visual displays that they hope will leave guests "...afraid to go to sleep for the rest of their lives." As result, the group even slapped their attraction with their own rating of "PG-13."

Visitors to Castle of the Damned will be taken on a guided tour of the castle's grounds, halls, and even dungeons. Along the way, they will be treated to nightmarish displays that were inspired by Calusdian, along with such horror legends as writer H.P. Lovecraft and filmmaker Dario Argento. The "thinking man's haunted house" has been cited by The Boston Globe as being "...the scariest, by far, of the bunch."

For more information, including dates and hours of operation and ticket prices, please visit the sites below.
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The official Web site for the reportedly haunted museum, Hammond Castle, in Gloucester, Massachusetts - Contains information on their Halloween haunt, Castle of the Damned.
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Hammond Castle
Exterior of Hammond Castle.
From: Tom G
Hammond Castle Gargoyle
A gargoyle squats above a gateway to Hammond Castle.
From: Tom G
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