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Filed Under: Movie Locations > The Friday the 13th Series
Added By: Tom G
Added On: May 30, 2007 - 12:10 AM UTC
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186 Hwy 94, NJ 07825, USA (Blairstown, New Jersey)
Friday the 13th
Though the state of New Jersey is sometimes called "the Diner Capital of the World," this particular diner has a unique place in horror film history. The diner would serve as the place of character Steve Christy's (played by actor Peter Brouwer) last meal in the 1980 Sean Cunningham film, Friday the 13th. Christy is the character who makes the unfortunate decision to purchase and reopen the ill-fated Camp Crystal Lake (see Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco) 22 years after a horrific double-murder took place there. The diner comes into play when Christy comes to town to stock up on supplies and stops here for a "two-and-a-quarter" dollars meal, as the staff he hired to renovate the cabins are being slaughtered back at the campground. Following his departure from the diner and arrival back at Camp Crystal Lake, Christy immediately meets a similar fate.

Blairstown Diner
The facility is reportedly now known as the New Blairstown Diner these days, following a series of renovations. Current owner, Peter Apostolou, recently talked with The Washington Post about the facility's role in cinematic history and pointed out that the spot where Christy sipped down his last beverage is still there - "Walk in the door and hang an immediate right."

Though the diner has undergone renovations, the old stainless steel Paramount dining car diner is still reportedly recognizable as its cinematic representation. In fact, its modern-day look can be viewed in a scene in the 2006 horror film Plasterhead, when the movie's title character makes an appearance in the diner. The diner and the rest of Blairstown appear only in the first film in the popular Friday the 13th franchise, as the subsequent sequels were filmed elsewhere.
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