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Availability: Open to the Public
Filed Under: Halloween Events > Haunted Houses/Hayrides
Added By: TheCabinet
Added On: August 25, 2007 - 04:45 PM UTC
Last Modified: October 01, 2010 - 06:47 PM UTC
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20031 Northside Blvd, Caldwell, ID 83605, USA (Caldwell, Idaho)
The Haunted World
This Halloween haunted attraction is located in Treasure Valley in southwestern Idaho near Nampa and outside of Boise. The Haunted World emerged in 1999 from the minds of co-owners Scott and Steve Ethington and has quickly become recognized as one of the biggest and best haunts in the state of Idaho. In order to maintain that status, the duo work around nine months on developing, upgrading and adding to the attraction. It employs over 40 actors, animatronics, fog machines, and top-of-the-line lighting and sound equipment to provide the chills.

The haunt's signature attraction is their outdoor haunt covering around 30 acres complete with a corn field and various buildings, a vertigo tunnel, and other nasty spots; all crawling with various sorts of monsters. In 2007, the haunt added Skullvania - an indoor asylum filled with the souls that could not escape. Expansion continued with the addition of The Corn Maze: 15 acres of a real corn maze with countless dead-ends. In addition to the three attractions, the haunt features everything from large screen movies, live music, concessions, and even a gift shop.

The Legend
The story behind The Haunted World has an old farmer and his wife struggling for years to make their corn crops grow. That is until they discover a new brand of fertilizer. Strangers that wandered near the farm started disappearing and the crop suddenly began to flourish. It didn't take long for the nearby residents to become suspicious. When one of their "lucky" victims escaped and ran to town for help, a mob was assembled that quickly hung the old man and his wife, but not before destroying his crop. However, the corn continues to flourish and is transformed into a haunted attraction every year where visitors may encounter the victims of the old couple, or even the duo themselves.

For more information, including dates and hours of operation and ticket prices, please visit the site below.
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Banner Outside The Haunted World
Photo of the banner advertising The Haunted World Halloween haunt in Caldwell, Idaho - 09/10.
From: TheCabinet
Idaho's The Haunted World
Picture of the Halloween haunted attraction, The Haunted World, just days before its 2010 opening.
From: TheCabinet
Highway View of The Haunted World
Photo of The Haunted World in Idaho from the highway before its September 2010 grand opening.
From: TheCabinet
The Haunted World Pumpkin
Photo of a Halloween decoration next to the haunted attraction, The Haunted World, in Idaho - 09/10.
From: TheCabinet
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