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Twilight (2008): The Cullen House currently has a travel advisory in effect.
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Availability: Closed to the Public
Filed Under: Movie Locations > The Twilight Series
Added By: TheCabinet
Added On: August 09, 2009 - 11:20 PM UTC
Last Modified: September 28, 2009 - 10:44 PM UTC
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3333 NW Quimby St, Portland, OR 97210, USA (Portland, Oregon)
3333 N.W. Quimby Street
Aside from making a splash in the world of architecture for its celebrated design, this private residence in Portland, Oregon has generated its own following and fascination from its appearance in the 2008 dark fantasy, Twilight. The house, itself, is relatively young; only completing construction in late-2006/early-2007. It was designed by architect Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture and constructed by Charlie and Lucy Metcalf. As an example of its uniqueness, it was purchased a short-time later on March 30, 2007 for $2.5 million by an executive of the nearby Nike corporation, John Hoke, and his family.

The notoriety came quickly for the new home. In the January 2008 debut issue of the magazine, Portland Spaces, the house was made its cover story. Its appeal was its interesting contrast between modern architecture (with countless windows) with the natural scenic beauty of the Forest Park hillside of Portland. As it is, few homes can boast of their own official Web site, which the so-called "Hoke House" can do (see Related Sites below). According to it, the home features 4,042-square-feet of living space, 1,179-square-feet of porch access, and an impressive 946-square-foot garage. The three-level home features three bedrooms and additional office, three and a half bathrooms, a lounge, and an expansive kitchen that was predominately featured in the movie, Twilight.

Twilight (2008)
Based on the success of the best-selling series of novels of the Twilight saga by author Stephenie Myer, it seemed somewhat inevitable that Hollywood would soon gain interest. In April 2008, production began on an adaptation of the first novel in the series, Twilight, with director Catherine Hardwicke at the helm. The story follows the character of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) who moves from Arizona to Forks, Washington (see Forks, Washington) to live with her father (Billy Burke). Once in town, she meets the enigmatic character of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and the couple begin to explore their strange attraction. Things only get more interesting when Bella discovers that Edward and his entire family are, in reality, vampires.

Although Forks is actually a real town and one that has fully embraced its role in the novels, it was deemed early on that it did not have the facilities needed to house a major Hollywood production. Coupled with various filming incentives offered by the state of Oregon (and which offered a similar setting), the filmmakers opted to use various locations in the northern section of the state to double for the film version of Twilight. The house that was chosen to represent the Swan residence is located in nearby Saint Helens (see Twilight (2008): The Swan House), where the scenes featuring Port Townsend were also filmed. With that settled, the crew was then chored with the task of locating a suitable house to double as the primary residence of the coven of vampires known as the Cullen Family.

They had a little leeway with their vision of the residence. While Myer provided ample descriptions of the home in the novels, it was not based on any particular house in Forks (in reality, the city of Forks designated their own Cullen House for tourists at a local bed and breakfast - see Twilight Saga: The Cullen House). As it turned out, the filmmakers stumbled across the article on the "Hoke House" in Portland Spaces and immediately inquired about its availability. Reportedly the idea of his home being the main residence of sophisticated vampires appealed to John Hoke and with that, the crew had found their Cullen House.

Production on Twilight took place at the Quimby Street address in March 2008. Due to the owner's employer, the production team apparently took to calling the house the "Nike House." Because the neighboring homes were still visible in some shots, the crew brought in extra shrubbery to further isolate the home from its surroundings. The house was furnished with furniture that reflected more modern aesthetics, which was deemed a conflict to the types of furniture that might be be attractive to century-old beings. As result, all of the furniture was moved out of the home (using professional museum movers no less) and new furniture was brought in to reflect a more multi-era appeal. However, the production had full-range of the house and used both the interiors and exteriors for the movie.

For the 2009 sequel to Twilight, New Moon, production was again relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada - this time under the direction of Chris Weitz. As such, the filmmakers were forced to find yet another house to fill in for the famed Cullen House (although it is possible that some exterior shots were again filmed in Portland) and they again settled on a house that has been renowned for its architectural design (see New Moon (2009): The Cullen House). The house had been additionally featured in the unrelated 2007 film, Martian Child, and is believed to have been used in production of the third film in the Twilight series, Eclipse (2010), as well.

The House Today
As stated earlier, the house is located in the Forest Park-area of Portland and remains a private residence to this day. It is located at the end of a private drive that is shared with a nearby neighbor, but some of the home is visible from the public road (see Images to the right). However, any interested Twilight fans must keep in mind that the house is obscured for the most part and venturing any further up the driveway constitutes trespassing. Steps should also be taken to avoid impeding the flow of area traffic and/or blocking the driveways of neighboring homes. As always, please respect the owner's right to privacy and that of their neighbors.
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The Cullen House from Twilight (2008)
Photo of the Portland home that doubled as the Cullen House in 2008's Twilight - July 2009.
From: TheCabinet
Twilight's Cullen House in Portland, Oregon
Another photo of the Portland home that housed the Cullen clan in 2008's Twilight - July 2009.
From: TheCabinet
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