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Availability: Open to the Public
Filed Under: Mysterious Events
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Added By: TheCabinet
Added On: August 14, 2007 - 08:28 PM UTC
Last Modified: August 14, 2007 - 08:28 PM UTC
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Invisible Invisible
4303 Sardine Creek L Fork Rd, Gold Hill, OR 97525, USA (Gold Hill, Oregon)
The Oregon Vortex
The Oregon Vortex is located near Gold Hill in Southern Oregon and has been astounding visitors since the opening in 1930. The site claims that a spherical area of force (or vortex), that is 165 feet in diameter and sits half above ground and half below, lays directly inside the property lines. For those that stand inside the vortex, the resulting effect can make visitors shrink or grow larger, depending on where they stand, cause balls or bottles to roll up hill, compasses and other instruments to go haywire, and even make a broom stand on its own. The site also claims that people inside the vortex naturally lean at an angle of 7 1/2 degrees, though believing they are standing upright. As result, some people have even reported a feeling of vertigo or dizziness while standing inside the sphere of force. Either way, The Oregon Vortex has astounded and baffled visitors for years and is still a popular destination to this day, even spawning off countless imitations around the world.

The Area History
According to the legend, the Native Americans in the area considered the area of land as "The Forbidden Ground." Their horses would refuse to enter the area and, as result, neither would they. In fact, it is said that the area is void of most animals of all shapes and sizes who refuse to go anywhere near it. A geologist by the name of John Lister reportedly came to the area in the 1920s and was so baffled by what he saw, he stayed there the rest of his life performing all sorts of tests and developing theories. He opened the grounds to the general public in 1930 and continued to probe its mysteries until he died in 1959.

The House of Mystery
A building was erected on the site in 1904 by the Old Grey Eagle Mining Company to serve as an assay office, and later storage. It is reported that miners came to the office to have their gold weighed, but were baffled by the scale's readings, which were wildly off. In 1910, the house slid off its foundation and came to rest at an odd angle. It remains that way to this day and is now known as "The House of Mystery" and only adds to the mystery of The Oregon Vortex.

The Ghost of John Lister
If people growing and shrinking, balls rolling uphill, and tilted houses were not enough, the ghost of John Lister has reportedly been spotted on the property at times, usually inside the House of Mystery. Most sightings recall seeing an elderly man in older clothing just standing and smiling at the passing masses. In fact, a photograph in the visitor center of The Oregon Vortex is believed to have captured the face of John Lister as well.
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The Entrance to The Oregon Vortex
The entrance to the reportedly haunted Oregon Vortex in Gold Hill, Oregon in July 2007.
From: TheCabinet
The House of Mystery at The Oregon Vortex
July 2007 photo of the reportedly haunted House of Mystery in The Oregon Vortex.
From: TheCabinet
First Photo of Oregon Vortex Demonstration
My niece, Haylee, and I take part in a demonstration in July 2007 at The Oregon Vortex.
From: TheCabinet
Second  Photo of Oregon Vortex Demonstration
We switched sides on the platform and Haylee shrunk and I grew - The Oregon Vortex (July 2007).
From: TheCabinet
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