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Availability: Open to the Public
Filed Under: Historical Locations > The Civil War
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Added On: June 29, 2008 - 07:10 AM UTC
Last Modified: April 20, 2013 - 05:34 PM UTC
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123 E Broughton St, Savannah, GA 31401, USA (Savannah, Georgia)
The Marshall House Hotel
Constructed in 1851, The Marshall House Hotel is the oldest hotel in Savannah, Georgia, and is reportedly one of the city's most haunted places. Over the course of its history the hotel has also served as a boarding house and, at three different points, a hospital. The three-story inn has experienced numerous expansions and renovations, the most recent in 1999, yet retains many of its original fixtures, including the staircases, wood floors, fireplaces, brick walls, and guest room doors. The building also still allegedly harbors some of its past tenants.

Souvenirs From the Civil War
The Marshall House was first utilized as a hospital during the later days of the United States Civil War. Occupied first by the Confederate forces of Lt. General William J. Hardee and later by Union armies under the direction of William T. Sherman, the hotel housed hundreds of wounded soldiers, including many who died or underwent amputations during their stay.

During one of the hotel's more recent renovations (conflicting reports cite both a 1957 renovation and the extensive restoration that occurred in 1999), human remains were discovered buried in the rear yard and under floorboards of a storage shed. It is believed today that these bones were the amputated limbs of soldiers who stayed at the hotel during the war, dumped on the hotel grounds due to the wartime medics' lack of sufficient disposal means.

Modern-day guests of the Marshall House have reported encounters with a young man holding his own severed arm and looking for someone to reattach it. Additionally, guests frequently comment to hotel staff on the actors they've seen wandering the halls in authentic Civil War-era clothing, but the hotel employs no such actors.

Fever Dreams
In 1876, a yellow fever epidemic, the third in Savannah's history, swept through the town, killing hundreds. The Marshall House was once again converted into a temporary hospital to treat the infected masses. To this day hotel guests continue to report strange experiences that many attribute to lingering spirits from this era. Such instances typically involve a guest waking up in the night to find one of his or her arms outstretched, feeling as though someone is holding it by the wrist, similar to a nurse attempting to detect a pulse.

Other Phenomena
Paranormal activity is so prevalent at the Marshall House that the staff maintain a journal of experiences reported by employees and guests. Common occurrences include water taps that turn on spontaneously, door knobs that rattle for no apparent reason, and the sound of children running loudly through the hallways late at night.

It is also rumored that during the hotel's recent restoration, construction crews attempted to divide a larger room into two separate spaces to allow for the creation of a gift shop. On three occasions workers began construction of a brick wall across the center of the room only to return to the site the following day and find the wall toppled. The project was ultimately abandoned the entire area reportedly sealed off.

National Recognition
The Marshall House has been featured twice on the Travel Channel; once on the channel's Great Hotels series, and once, more notably, a special titled Haunted Hotels. Both programs continue to air periodically on the channel.
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