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Availability: Open to the Public
Filed Under: Cemeteries/Graveyards
Cemeteries/Graveyards > Tours
Historical Locations > The Civil War
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Added By: TheCabinet
Added On: May 31, 2007 - 03:48 PM UTC
Last Modified: December 29, 2008 - 06:35 PM UTC
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1200 Broadway St, Little Rock, AR 72202, USA (Little Rock, Arkansas)
Mount Holly Cemetery
This cemetery was established on February 23, 1843 in Little Rock, Arkansas and is the final resting place for a variety of different Federal and Arkansas-based politicians, Confederate officers, and other prominent Arkansas historical figures.  The sign out front lists six U.S. Senators, 10 Governors, four Confederate Generals, 14 State Supreme Court Justices, and 21 Mayors of Little Rock.

David Owen Dodd
The cemetery is also the final resting place for the "Arkansas Boy Martyr of the Confederacy," David O. Dodd.  Dodd was a seventeen-year-old civilian that was captured by Union troops and taken to the nearby Little Rock Arsenal. He was later convicted of spying for the Confederate Army and hung for his crimes.  His execution was a botched, ghoulish affair where a series of mistakes by Union soldiers led to it taking over five minutes of strangulation before he finally passed away, much to the horror of the witnessing civilians and Union troops alike.  The spot of his execution is marked with a memorial today. Over his grave, an eight-foot obelisk was raised in 1913 to commemorate the boy's courage and loyalty to the Confederate cause.

Paranormal Activity
The dead don't appear to be completely at rest in Mount Holly Cemetery as it is a hotbed of reported paranormal activity. People have reported finding people dressed in period clothing and/or bright lights or mists in photographs they have taken. Statues have been said to move in front of startled visitors and sometimes even mysteriously show up on the lawns of the houses located near the cemetery. The sounds of a flute being played echoes from nowhere and trinkets appear or disappear on the graves.

Tales from the Crypt
Every October, drama students in nearby Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School each choose a figure buried in the cemetery to research.  Then guides holding candles give audiences a "Tales from the Crypt" tour through the cemetery.  The students stop before the grave of their chosen subject and give a speech in period clothing.  It is not intended to be spooky, but rather a historical presentation of the personalities buried in the cemetery.
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Find a Grave's entry for Mount Holly Cemetery in Little Rock, Arkansas. Aside from being the final resting place of the "Boy Hero of the Confederacy", David Dodd, it is also reported to be a paranormal hot bed of activity.
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The Entrance Gate to Mount Holly Cemetery
The entrance gate to the reportedly haunted Mount Holly Cemetery in Little Rock - June 2007.
From: TheCabinet
Mount Holly Cemetery Marker and Graves
The Established marker at Mount Holly Cemetery with graves in the background in June 2007.
From: TheCabinet
Back of David Dodd Memorial in Mount Holly
The back of David Dodd's grave at Mount Holly Cemetery with "Boy Martyr" inscription in June 2007
From: TheCabinet
Grave in Mount Holly Cemetery in Little Rock
One of the many old graves in Little Rock's reportedly haunted Mount Holly Cemetery - June 2007.
From: TheCabinet
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