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Movie Locations > The Halloween Series > Halloween (2007)
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Added On: February 12, 2009 - 11:19 PM UTC
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31602 Castaic Rd, Castaic, CA 91384, USA (Castaic, California)
The Rabbit in Red Lounge
This small saloon is located in Castaic, California and made a small appearance in the 2007 horror film, Halloween. The Country Girl Saloon is a reportedly fairly standard facility outside its double-life as a movie location and serves drinks and food to their patrons. The surrounding area is geared as a truck stop service, so the major clientele of the bar are the truck drivers that stop by for a drink. However, it played a much different role in the 2007 remake of the classic horror film, Halloween.

Halloween (2007)
Reportedly after writer/director Rob Zombie had signed on with Dimension Films to remake the classic John Carpenter horror film, Halloween, Zombie got a bit of advice from the first director. Carpenter reportedly told Zombie to "...make it his own," which Zombie did not hesitate to do. The new version is a part-remake/part-prequel of the 1978 version, with the majority of the action depicted in the first film playing out over the last half of the remake. The first half instead focuses on the childhood and subsequent incarceration of the horror icon, Michael Myers, before he breaks out and goes on the rampage seen in the original version.

The Country Girl Saloon appears early on during these "prequel" scenes and doubles as "The Rabbit in Red" lounge, where Michael's mother, Deborah (Sheri Moon Zombie), works as an exotic dancer. It is only featured during the theatrical release (and subsequent director's cut on DVD) of Halloween in a brief sequence of Deborah dancing to Nazareth's Love Hurts, which is inter-cut with ten-year-old Myers (Daeg Faerch) sitting at his porch at home after his sister (Hanna Hall) ditched him to spend time with her boyfriend (Adam Weisman), despite her promising to take Myers trick-or-treating. This immediately precedes Myers entering the home and beginning the carnage (see Halloween (2007): The Myers House).

Further scenes of the Rabbit in Red were included in the deleted scenes section of the DVD releases of Halloween (see Available from below). Both the interior and the exterior are shown in these scenes, which also feature the Rabbit's owner, Lou Martini (Daniel Roebuck). The filmmakers added some signs to the exterior to cover up those of the Country Girl's and transform it into the Rabbit in Red. In addition, they constructed the stage for the dancers inside, but did very little else to the interiors. Conveniently, another building that appeared as the Truck Wash from the film is just down the road from the Country Girl Saloon (see Halloween (2007): The Truck Wash).

Interestingly, the scene of Deborah dancing was originally slated to appear after the sequence of Myers being confronted by bullies in the elementary school's bathroom. That scene also includes one of the bullies, Wesley Rhoades (Daryl Sabara), taunting Michael with an advertisement from the Rabbit in Red lounge featuring his mother. The deleted sequence included the school's Principal Chambers (Richard Lynch) calling Deborah at work after she finished with a routine and summoning her to the school. An additional scene later on featured Deborah and Martini talking as she left the bar to head home where she discovers that Myers had killed his sister and her boyfriend.

The Rabbit in the Red did not appear in the original Halloween. The only reference to it was a matchbook that Doctor Loomis discovered in a phone book, which he had previously seen in the car that Myers earlier stole. However, the quick appearance of the name and bunny-symbol made it a familiar icon for Halloween fans and it now regularly appears on t-shirts and bumper stickers as something of in-joke among fans. The 2006 first-person horror film, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon even featured a shout out to the Rabbit in Red lounge. The fandom did not go unnoticed by Zombie who took the matchbook one step further and introduced the actual facility where Michael's mother works in the remake.

The Saloon Today
The Country Girl Saloon still exists in Castaic and continues to serve patrons to this day. Though there was some work done on the outside of the bar to change it to the Rabbit in Red lounge, it still looks very familiar from its big-screen appearance. Fans hoping to see Sheri Moon Zombie dancing should probably not count on it, as the bar does not feature exotic dancing as it is portrayed in the film. However, it is an active business and fans 21-years and older can certainly visit it during its regular business hours. As always, be respectful of the facility and its patrons that might not all be Halloween fans.
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