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The Ghosts of Shiloh
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In early-April 1862, a plot of land near Pittsburgh Landing, Tennessee witnessed one of the costliest battles of the Civil War. The Battle of Shiloh took its name from a small log church nearby, even though the name "Shiloh" is Hebrew for "place of peace." Though technically a Union victory, both sides suffered severe losses. The combined casualties totaled over 20,000, which made it the bloodiest battle to have been fought on American soil at that time. That number would be eclipsed multiple times by the end of the war.

Almost everyone is familiar with the ghosts left over from the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, but the truth is pretty much every major Civil War battle site is reportedly haunted to this day. With stories of a lady in white, a pond that turns the color of blood, and the sounds of the war replaying itself to surprised guests in modern times, Shiloh National Military Park is no exception.

Visit the hallowed grounds of Shiloh National Military Park.
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