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Track of the Day - 10/30/2006
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Blue Oyster Cult - Harvest Moon

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When considering what would be the debut track for my new "Track of the Day" feature, it did not take me long to come up with Harvest Moon by Blue Oyster Cult for a couple of different reasons.  First off, Halloween is tomorrow and the celebration of the holiday has roots in the closing of the harvest season.  Second, and we'll come back to this shortly, this song has always reminded me of Ambrose Bierce's The Damned Thing (which just so happens to be the Literature pick of the week), which was also the inspiration for the latest episode of Masters of Horror (which I'll be talking about over in the television section - Isn't it lovely how I tie all of this together?).  And finally, this song had a major role to play in my interest of horror music and really sparked what you see today in the Horror in Music section.  But we'll talk about that another day.

Let's go back to The Damned Thing.  Like the story, Harvest Moon has the same ambience of an isolated farmland with something lurking outside.  The majority of the song recounts the history of the land and the people that lived there, but also left the land after some unfortunate circumstances.  And then things take a turn when the narrator says he sold the land and the final chorus tells us why.

1998 CMC International Records, A Division Of Sanctuary Records Group A change in the weather
I feel some evil here
Harvest moon
I hear some frightful noises
I don't go out at night
Harvest moon
Since Bobrow's youngest daughter
Disappeared from sight
Harvest moon
I know they'll find her some day
They find them all that way
Harvest moon

Okay, so it's not The Damned Thing but it is close.  Ironically, my brother owns a plot of country land just outside the city.  Every time I am out there at night, I always think of Harvest Moon.  As far as I'm aware, no one has disappeared out there though, so I think he is safe.

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