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Horror Blogs > 10-31-365: Halloween/Horror Lifestyle > The Terrible Death of Mary Ann Nichols

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The Terrible Death of Mary Ann Nichols
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On this date in 1888, The body of Mary Ann Nichols, known as "Polly" to her friends, was discovered in Whitechapel, London. Her throat had been slashed and her abdomen sliced multiple times. She is commonly accepted as the first victim of Jack the Ripper, though there may have been more before her.

The exhibit Jack the Ripper and the East End at the Museum in the Docklands is still running for a little while. It ends on November 2nd.

If you happen to visit the Ripper exhibit, be sure to also check out London Horror Tour's guided Jack the Ripper tour. One of the many dark tours the company offers; it takes customers on visits to all the crime scenes associated with Jack the Ripper and also covers other famous local spots, including the hospital in which John Merrick, The Elephant Man, once lived.

-Tom G
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